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The RSGS has a distinguished history of supporting and promoting geographical education, research and exploration. For over 130 years, we have been working to broaden public awareness of the breadth and depth of geographical sciences, and to promote greater understanding of contemporary issues which shape our future, from 19th century polar exploration to 21st century research into global climate change.

We have a vital role to play in helping people to better understand the complex nature of the world, and Scotland’s place in it.

RSGS Fair Maid's House

Fair Maid’s House

We run a public centre for geographical and environmental education in the Fair Maid’s House, Perth....Read More
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RSGS Collections

We maintain and exhibit a rich collection of geographical heritage, including maps, books, and images ...Read More
RSGS Inspiring People Talks Programme

Talks and Events

We deliver a nationwide programme of illustrated public talks....Read More
RSGS Exciting Learning

Exciting Learning

We support formal and informal education, creating resources and activities, and engaging in policy issues. ...Read More
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We produce an informative quarterly newsletter and an academic journal....Read More
RSGS - President - Iain Stewart

Who We Are

We are a Society of individuals who share a passion for people, places and the planet....Read More
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Strategic Plan

A summary of our Strategic Plan 2013-18, including key aims....Read More
RSGS Annual Report

Accounts and Articles of Association

Our latest accounts and governing constitution....Read More