The RSGS currently produces two quarterly publications, The Geographer and the Scottish Geographical Journal, and has published several books, the most recent of which is Scottish Geography: A Historiography.

The Geographer

RSGS - The GeographerThe Geographer is the RSGS’s colourful newsletter, sent free to members.  It was launched in spring 2009, replacing the previous newsletter, GeogScot, which had been produced two or three times a year since early 1987.

As well as covering geographical news and stories of general and topical interest, each issue of The Geographer focuses on a core theme.  The aim is to set people thinking about different aspects of geography by bringing together a range of short articles written by experts and practitioners in particular fields.  Previous themes have included food security, conflict, zoonotic diseases, energy choices, transport, forestry, biodiversity and geodiversity, national parks, and navigation.  Past issues are available here, three months after publication.

Scottish Geographical Journal

Image 4.5a - Scottish Geographical JournalThe Scottish Geographical Journal (SGJ) was first published in 1885, as the Scottish Geographical Magazine (SGM), and it has been published regularly ever since, even during the two World Wars.

Originally, the SGM covered all aspects of the Society’s work, and even reproduced the text of some of the highest-profile public lectures, but with the development of geography as an academic discipline during the 20th century, it became a more formal peer-reviewed academic journal.  International in outlook, the SGJ now publishes scholarly articles of original research from any branch of geography and on any part of the world, while at the same time maintaining a distinctive interest in and concern with issues relating to Scotland.

The SGJ is published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis), and is available on-line or in hard copy.  All RSGS members are entitled to receive the SGJ for free.  Join us now to start receiving your copies, and for free access to digital copies on-line.

Scottish Geography: A Historiography

Professor Michael Pacione of the University of Strathclyde took on the mammoth task of reading and researching every edition of the Scottish Geographical Magazine and Scottish Geographical Journal to produce a new book to help mark the RSGS’s 130th anniversary in 2014.

His book details the development of geography in Scotland since 1884, celebrates some of the characters who have helped in its development, and helps categorise and summarise the nearly 3,000 articles by over 1,400 authors that have appeared in these publications so far.

Copies of Scottish Geography: A Historiography are available from RSGS HQ for only £8 (RSGS members) or £12 (non-members) plus P&P.
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RSGS Geographer

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