Directors and Staff

RSGS benefits from the experience and expertise of our Board of Directors (all volunteers) who guide our overall strategy. Some members of the Board represent the Committees (also of specialist volunteers) that have a particular responsibility for certain key areas of RSGS’s work. The Geographer Royal for Scotland is an ex officio member of the Board. Other members of the Board are elected by RSGS members.

ChairmanProfessor Roger Crofts FRSGS
Vice-ChairmanAlister Hendrie
TreasurerTim Ambrose
Collections Committee ChairMargaret Wilkes FRSGS
Education Committee ChairErica Caldwell FRSGS
Local Groups Committee ChairAlister Hendrie
Geographer Royal for ScotlandProfessor Charles Withers FRSGS
Other Elected MembersVanessa Collingridge
Susan Mains
Lorna Ogilvie
Professor Ian Simpson
Lorna Stoddart
Val Vannet


The Board is supported by a team of four full-time and two part-time staff, all based at the HQ in Perth.

Chief ExecutiveMike Robinson
Communications OfficerJames Cave
Office & Events AssistantAnne Daniel (Monday to Wednesday lunchtime)
Finance & Membership OfficerLinda Davidson
Office & Events AssistantKatrina Strachan (Wednesday to Friday)
Development ManagerSusan Watt