Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are vitally important to the RSGS.  They bring a wealth of skills, experience and enthusiasm to our cause; and they enjoy it so much that they come back year after year!  Each year, around 130 regular volunteers contribute so many hours of their time that they almost double our capacity to deliver a broad range of projects.

RSGS Doors Open DayVolunteers can work as individuals or in groups, welcoming speakers and audiences to our public talks, guiding visitors around the Fair Maid’s House, researching historical information and contemporary issues, giving RSGS talks to other groups, developing educational resources, promoting the RSGS’s work, supporting the office work at HQ, and getting involved in a host of other activities.

Volunteering for the RSGS is good for all of us.  If you would like to consider joining our team of volunteers, please contact us at enquiries@rsgs.org for more information, or get in touch with one of our local groups.

A Volunteer’s Story

Being retired for a few years and not really having a focus, when I saw the request for volunteers for the Fair Maid’s House, I thought that might be an idea of something useful to do for the summer.

I have always been interested in geography and maps, since the National Geographic magazine came in the post when I was quite a small child in the 1950s, and when it was a map month that was even more exciting, especially if it was of the UK and you knew the places on it.  I certainly would not class myself as a geographer, just an interested person.

Travel has been a big part of my life after being widowed in my forties.  I decided that I had to see a bit of the world before I was too old to really enjoy the travel.  Highlights have been trips to the west coast of America and Hawaii, the Canadian Rockies, a recent visit to Singapore and, with my work, a year on secondment to Oman.

So – a visit to speak to the staff at HQ, and a volunteers information session, and I was ready to go!

When we opened in April, it was still quite cold and sometimes snowy, but it was the Easter holidays and we had a steady stream of visitors.  Some visitors want to just look around on their own.  Others are quite happy for you to tell them stories about the displays.  In the beginning I don’t think my stories were very accurate, but after being on with some more experienced volunteers they improved over time.  You keep finding out more all the time.

The highlights of volunteering are the people – the staff of RSGS, the other volunteers, and of course the visitors.  People really love to share their experiences with you – where they live, where they have visited, and lots of times the fact that they knew the Fair Maid’s House in the past.  Visitors have come from all over the world.

Will I do it again? Of course I will.