RSGS Edinburgh Group

The RSGS Edinburgh Group was established in 1884; Henry Morton Stanley gave the first public talk, entitled The Congo.

There are now 12 RSGS Inspiring People talks in Edinburgh each year. Six of these talks are given on Wednesday afternoons, and six are given on Thursday evenings.

Edinburgh Afternoon Talks:

18th October 2017 – Luke and Hazel Robertson – Due North Alaska: An Expedition Across a Changing Landscape

15th November 2017 – Vanessa Collingridge – Mapping Myths: the ‘Fantastic’ Geography of the Great Southern Continent

13th December 2017 – Jo Woolf – The Great Horizon: Stories of Exploration from RSGS 

24th January 2018 – Felicity Aston – Pole of Cold: A Journey to Chase Winter

21st February – Jim Hansom – Scotland’s Eroding Shores

21st March 2018 – Barbara Bond – MI9’s Escape and Evasion Maps of WWII

Edinburgh Evening Talks: 

5th October 2017 – Will Millard, Life With the Hunters of the South Seas

2nd November 2017 – Anna McNuff, Running the Length of New Zealand (and other good ideas)

30th November 2017 – Prof. Roger Crofts – A Taste of Iceland

11th Jan 2018 – Jason Lewis, Lessons in Sustainability: An Explorer’s Tale

8th February 2018 – Alex Bescoby, A Decade in Burma

8th March 2018 – Prof. Iain Stewart, The Land Below Ground: Journeys Through Britain’s Underworld

Wednesday afternoon talks are being held at George Square Lecture Theatre.

Thursday evening talks are being held at the University of Edinburgh’s Appleton Tower.



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Edinburgh Evening
Appleton Tower
11 Crichton Street
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, EH8 9LE

Edinburgh Afternoon
George Square Lecture Theatre
George Square