Exciting Learning

The role of the RSGS is to inform and inspire people to want to know more about our planet, about how it works, and about the impact it has on us and we have on it.  We are an educational charity, and almost since we began we have been involved in formal educational activities, working with schools and universities across Scotland to promote geographical and environmental teaching and learning.

Reading, writing and arithmetic are pure skills, but through geography we learn how to stitch them together.  We have places and people to read about.  We have journeys and issues to write about.  We have environmental and social subjects to do calculations about.  And we can learn citizenship, social responsibility, the rule of consequences, and much of the background to some of the most defining issues of this century.

Exciting Learning in Schools

We are working to enhance geographical learning in Scottish schools, and have organised activities and produced learning materials for both primary and secondary school children....Read More

Promoting Science in Universities

It is critical that geographical sciences are promoted and pursued, to encourage joined-up thinking and to give people the skills to make sense of this complex world...Read More

RSGS Grants

RSGS Knowledge Exchange Grants are available for early career researchers....Read More

Campaigns & Networks

We strive to raise the profile of geography, and the need for greater geographical understanding, through promotional campaigns and by working in partnership with others....Read More