Networks and Links

Scottish Association of Geography Teachers (SAGT)

RSGS Chairman Prof Roger Crofts is Patron of SAGT, and RSGS Board Member Erica Caldwell is a Board Member and past President of SAGT.  The RSGS and SAGT are working in partnership to campaign for geography to have a secure and well-supported place in the Scottish school curriculum.  SAGT is dedicated to the further development and teaching of geography in Scottish schools, and is proud to be among the most active of subject associations, working hard to support geography teachers around the country.  The association is regularly consulted by SQA and other bodies about various geography matters, playing an important part in promoting the profile of the subject.

Council of British Geography (COBRIG)

RSGS is a member organisation of COBRIG, and is represented there by Professor Charles Withers.  COBRIG was established to co-ordinate the promotion of geography in the UK, and can also act on matters concerning the status of the discipline in education, research and public policy, where geographers’ views need to be made known.  There are regular meetings to review educational research and other developments affecting the public contribution of the discipline.

Association for Geographic Information in Scotland

Former RSGS Vice-Chair Bruce Gittings is Vice-Chair of AGI Scotland.  AGI champions the value that the intersection of geography and information has for the economy, business and individuals.  Geography provides a valuable framework that enables us to link information together.  Whether based on maps, satellite images, ground-survey or GPS, geographical information has a plethora of applications, including ensuring the smooth running of transport, efficiency in public services, and providing technologies such as sat-navs and local-based services on smartphones.  AGI works with education, government and industry to maximise the benefits from geographical information.

Scottish Geodiversity Forum

RSGS Education Officer Rachel Hay is our representative on the Executive Committee of the Scottish Geodiversity Forum.  The Forum was established in March 2011, after a conference was organised by the RSGS and other partner bodies in December 2010 to highlight the wider relevance of geodiversity in Scotland and to consider how geodiversity might be better integrated within existing policy frameworks.  The conference proceedings were published in the Scottish Geographical Journal, and led to the development of Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter.  The Forum brings together geoconservation groups, geoparks and other related organisations, and interested individuals, to promote the role and value of geodiversity in education, community involvement and health, the development of tourism and the wider economy.

Earth Science Education Scotland (ESES)

ESES was established after the success of the first Scotland Rocks student geology conference organised by the RSGS in March 2013.  ESES represents Earth science education providers (secondary and tertiary education), industry professionals, science centres, professional societies and other Earth science forums.  The group aims to promote Earth science education in Scottish schools, and in particular to campaign for new qualifications in Earth science in secondary schools.  ESES is currently lobbying the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to ensure that the planned cessation of the Higher Geology certificate in 2015 is postponed until a new Earth Science Higher is created.

Scottish Environment LINK

RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson is a Trustee and Board Member of Scottish Environment LINK, the forum for Scotland’s voluntary environment organisations.  Over 35 member bodies represent a range of environmental interests with the common goal of contributing to a more environmentally sustainable society.  LINK assists communication between member bodies, government and its agencies, and other sectors within civic society.  Acting at local, national and international levels, LINK aims to ensure that the environment is fully recognised in the development of policy and legislation affecting Scotland.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS)

RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson is a Trustee, a Board Member, and a former Chair of SCCS, a diverse coalition of 60 organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change.  Its members include environment, faith and international development organisations, trade and student unions, and community groups.  SCCS is working to ensure Scotland plays its fair part in tackling climate change and that the commitments set out in the Scottish Climate Change Act are achieved, including targets to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.

2020 Climate Group

RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson is a Member of Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group.  The Group consists of 140 members from 100 organisations and businesses, supported by the Scottish Government.  It aims to demonstrate leadership and facilitate collaboration to ensure that all sectors of Scotland’s economy and civic society contribute fully to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change target of a 42% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020.  Businesses and organisations can use the Group as a platform to learn, share best practice and work together to help deliver a reduction in carbon emissions.

Crichton Carbon Centre

RSGS Chairman Prof Roger Crofts is a Board Member of the Crichton Carbon Centre, a post-graduate teaching and applied research organisation based in Dumfries.  Founded in 2007 in response to growing concern about climate change, the Centre provides active leadership in improving the efficiency with which resources are used, promoting the transition to a low carbon society.  The Centre undertakes grant funded projects and commercial commissions, working with individuals, communities and a wide range of organisations, including businesses, social enterprises, schools, colleges, universities and public institutions.