Resources for Teaching

We have a range of activities and learning materials that are suitable for primary and secondary school children, with some resources specifically targeted towards pupils at S1/S2, National, or Higher levels.

Visit Us in Perth – school groups are welcome to visit our inspiring education centre at the Fair Maid’s House in central Perth.

Playground Map Project – get a playground map for your school!

Stop the Plastic Tide – a lesson plan to accompany the transitional-change-themed Spring 2018 edition of our magazine, The Geographer.

Don’t Leave Others Hungry – a lesson plan to accompany the food-themed Summer 2018 edition of our magazine, The Geographer.

Discovering Oman – lesson plans that compare Oman and the UK in a whole range of geographical themes.

The Expedition – an interdisciplinary resource based on Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-16.

Inspiring People – teaching resources about two adventurers who have spoken in our Inspiring People talks programme.

St Fergus Glossary – an illustrated glossary of coastal environmental features at the pipeline landfalls at St Fergus, Aberdeenshire.

Water Hazards: Landslides – a factsheet on landslides.

Water Hazards: Flooding in Perth – a teaching resource about flooding.

Stories in the Land: Highland Drovers – young people became collectors, creators and tellers of stories inspired by traditional cattle droves.

Stories in the Land: Cruise of the Betsey – follow the journey of discovery taken by Hugh Miller in the summer of 1844 on the sail boat Betsey.

Outdoor Journeys – a project designed to help pupils and teachers to explore their local area.

Climate Change Story Mat – a resource to help raise awareness of the Earth, including habitats, biodiversity, climate and weather.

Urban Fieldwork: Photojournalism – a photojournalism day for S4 pupils.