Outdoor Journeys

RSGS-outdoorjourneysHere at the RSGS, we are advocates of outdoor learning and have been working with the University of Edinburgh to develop the use of the Outdoor Journeys enquiry approach in schools.  This simple teaching tool is designed to help pupils and teachers to explore their local area more often, and to link their experiences outdoors to coursework in the classroom.  Further details of the approach, and a number of downloadable articles and resources, are available from the Outdoor Journeys website.

We offer training sessions to demonstrate the Outdoor Journeys approach to primary and secondary teachers.  Please contact us if you are interested in organising a training session for teachers in your area.

“It was a fresh way of thinking about a simple walk outside.”
Teacher A

“I will now look at my local area with new eyes and definitely incorporate Outdoor Journeys into my classroom practice.”
Teacher B