Exploring Geography

Every day, the news is full of stories which are geographical in nature.  Climate change, population dynamics, conflict, development, health, trade, inequality, the biosphere, ecosystems, natural resource limits, energy, urbanisation, sustainability – all these issues, and more, are ‘geography’.

We believe that people with a better knowledge of geography develop a better understanding of place, together with a greater insight into sustainability, equality and the world in general.  That is why we run public talks and events, welcome people to our visitor and education centre, and work in partnership with a range of academic and other organisations – to increase geographical understanding and problem-solving.

And we believe that everyone is a ‘geographer’


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Interesting Issues

Geographical understanding is vital to the growth of responsible and sustainable global citizenship, helping us to interpret issues, and encouraging the critical thinking necessary to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems....Read More


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Visitor Centre

Our public visitor and education centre in the Fair Maid’s House in Perth gives us a fantastic opportunity to explain geography and to explore geographical issues, through stories of inspiring people and interesting issues....Read More

RSGS Collections

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