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Geographical understanding is vital to the growth of responsible and sustainable global citizenship, helping us to interpret issues, and encouraging the critical thinking necessary to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.  Through our events, activities, publications and communications, we aim to inspire people to want to know more about their world.

There are few occupations outside academia in which people are described as ‘geographers’, yet many jobs do require a considerable amount of geographical knowledge and understanding, and people with geography degrees can and do use their skills in a wide range of jobs.  What Geography Means to Me is a frequent feature in our magazine, The Geographer, which aims to give an insight into the life of a working geographer.

The Gazetteer for Scotland is an on-line geographical encyclopaedia of Scotland, developed by Bruce Gittings of the University of Edinburgh and the RSGS (former Vice-Chairman).

Everyone Is A Geographer

Geography is everywhere: it shapes us, it explains us, it is part of us....Read More

St Kilda

Dr Jeff Stone FRSGS The archipelago of St Kilda lies more than 60 kilometres west of North Uist...Read More

What Geography Means to Me

What Geography Means to Me is a frequent feature in our magazine...Read More

Land Use

There is a great deal of live debate about land use and land ownership in Scotland...Read More


Most of the 550 active volcanoes are found along the edges of the Earth’s tectonic plates....Read More

The World’s Carrying Capacity

Life on Earth is part of one great independent system which depends...Read More