What Geography Means to Me

What Geography Means to Me is a frequent feature in our magazine, The Geographer.  Through it, we aim to give an insight into the lives of ‘working geographers’ – people whose jobs or other activities involve some aspect of geography.  Contributors have included people working in the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as students and retired people.  Some have geography degrees; others do not.  For some, geography is central to their day-to-day lives; for others, it provides an important backdrop.  All share a keen interest in learning about and engaging with the world around them.

Wendy Campbell

I’ve always had a burning desire to explore the world, I have had a lifelong obsession with maps...Read More

Graeme Cook

I volunteered and worked with the Prince’s Trust and Community Service Volunteers Environment programme, ...Read More

Ian Francis

How does a working geographer fit into this?  I cover Aberdeen to the Cairngorms for RSPB Scotland...Read More

Mary R Murray

Rivers held a fascination too as I was growing up – where did they come from?  Little did I know...Read More