Conservation Work

RSGS - CollectionsThe RSGS has a wonderful collection of tens of thousands of historical and contemporary maps and atlases, books and papers, photographs and drawing, scientific instruments and artefacts. These items contribute a valuable part of Scotland’s heritage, and it is vital that we look after them properly – that we catalogue them, repair them as needed, maintain them in good condition, and improve public access to and understanding of them.

Images for All Project

Images for All documented and undertook essential conservation work on items in our unique collection. The project ran from September 2005 to August 2007, and was grant-funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Ongoing Work

RSGS - CollectionsMuch of our direct conservation work is carried out by skilled volunteers, who contribute a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Their involvement means that we can do much more than we could otherwise afford, but there is still an ongoing need for conservation equipment and materials, for funding to support the annual costs of maintaining the collection, for occasional specialist help, and for a budget to acquire both new and old items. Please contact us if you would like to help us to look after Scotland’s geographical heritage.