Perth. John Tallis & Company, London, c1846

John Tallis & Company, London, c1846

This beautifully designed and engraved plan of Perth was part of a sequence of town plans of parts of the British Isles which emanated from the small publishing house of John Tallis & Company, which flourished in London between about 1835 and 1861.  The only Scottish towns included were Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Perth.  They all used the same format of an attractive, individually decorated border and a few very finely executed miniature views, or vignettes, of local scenes carefully filling in spaces round the actual town plan.

John Rapkin engraved this Perth town plan, with H Winkles engraving the vignettes, all onto a steel plate rather than onto copper, steel producing a particularly fine line.  In the case of Perth, the plan is unusually shown with West at the top rather than the traditional North, presumably because it gave a better balance to the plan to have the low-lying North and South Inches of Perth one on each side to frame it, and with the River Tay forming the bottom border.