If you follow us on social media, receive our e-blast or read The Geographer you may have noticed that we are asking our members (and followers) to get involved by sending us their submissions for their favourite place in Scotland, you can get involved by sending your favourite places in Scotland to media@rsgs.org On today’s blog we are sharing Margaret’s favourite place, Assynt in the South West of Sutherland. To read our full series make sure to subscribe to our e-blast via our home page and join us to receive your copies of The Geographer.


On Handa Island, N W Sutherland looking NNE

On Handa Island, N W Sutherland looking NNE

I have many favourite places in Scotland, but perhaps my mid-June Handa Island visit says it all ”“ mountains, islands, sea, solitude, wildlife sanctuary. Drifts of bright pink sea thrift glowing in the sun, blue, blue sea edged with white foam, the extraordinary mountains of Assynt rimming my view to east and south, with names and prehistoric shapes to make one’s eyes stand out in disbelief: Foinavon, Quinag, Canisp, Suilven, Cul Mor – an ancient and almost unbelievable geographical landscape and of outstanding geological complexity too. How can anyone neglect Geography or Geology as subjects after experiencing this? No wonder the poet Norman MacCaig produced such magnificent verse from his wanderings here. All I wanted to do was to sketch it ”“ so I did!

Margaret's sketch of Assynt from Handa

Margaret’s sketch of Assynt from Handa

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