Inspiring People

Geography is such a broad-ranging subject that it involves a great diversity of people, of different ages and backgrounds, with different skills and experiences.  One thing they share is an avid curiosity and passion about the world, generally coupled with a desire to make it in some way better, and to communicate their enthusiasm about it to others.

Inspiring People Talks

Our public talks bring inspiring speakers with amazing stories of journeys and adventures, and refreshing insights into current issues....Read More

Medals and Awards

Medal presentation events have given RSGS audiences the opportunity to meet and to hear stories from some of the greatest names of their day....Read More

Inspiring People Stories

Over the past 130 years, we are fortunate to have had a connection with many extraordinary individuals. We would like to share some of their stories......Read More


Geography offers wonderful opportunities for residencies, allowing us to work with a range of individuals with particular skills and interests, to achieve specific outputs over a period of time....Read More