Newbigin Prize

The Newbigin Prize is awarded for the most notable contribution to the Scottish Geographical Journal, or any other RSGS publication, during the previous year.  It was awarded first in 1938.

2007           Dr Sven Lukas & Dr Douglas Benn

2006           Dr Emma Wainwright

2005           Professor Hugh Clout & Professor Iain Stevenson

2004           Professor William T S Gould & Professor Robert I Woods

2003           Dr Caitriona ni Laoire

2002           Hamish Chevenix-Trench & Dr Lorna J Philip

2001           Professor Michael Heffernan

2000           Professor John Briggs & Davis Mwamfupe

1998           Professor Nigel Thrift

1997           Dr Fiona Smith

1996           Dr Morag Bell

1995           Dr Matthew R Bennett

1994           Dr Lindsey J McEwen

1993           Dr J Sheail

1992           Dr Colin K Ballantyne

1991           Alex Gibson

1982           W H Keith Turner

1978           Huw R Jones

1977           Dr James A T Young

1974           Dr A MacGregor Hutcheson (and colleagues)

1971           Mrs Eve M Soulsby

1962           James B Cruickshank

1961           J D W McQueen

1960           Robert W Galloway

1959           R Goodwin

1949           Andrew T A Learmonth

1948           Mrs Isobel M L Robertson

1944           Dr Catherine P Snodgrass

1939           Arthur Geddes

1938           Andrew C O’Dell