W S Bruce Medal

The W S Bruce Medal is awarded for some notable contribution to Zoology, Botany, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography or Geography, where new knowledge has been gained through a personal visit to polar regions.  It was awarded first in 1923, and is jointly awarded with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Physical Society.

2016           Dr Andy Hein

2010           Alison Cook

2004           Dr Mike J Bentley

1999           Professor D Marchant

1994           Dr I L Boyd

1987           Dr J E Gordon

1980           Dr Andrew Clarke

1977           Dr Peter Wadhams

1972           Dr Peter Friend

1968           Dr W S B Paterson

1966           Dr Stanley Evans

1964           Dr Martin W Holdgate

1962           Ken V Blaiklock

1960           J MacDowall

1958           Dr Hal Lister

1956           J W Cowie

1954           Dr Richard M Laws

1952           G de Q Robin

1950           Dr M J Dunbar

1948           Dr W A Deer

1946           Lt-Col P D Baird

1944           Lieutenant T H Manning RCNVR

1942           Dr G C L Bertram

1940           Brian Roberts

1938           Alexander R Glen

1936           James William Slessor Marr

1932           Henry Gino Watkins

1930           N A MacKintosh

1928           Dr Harald Ulrik Sverdrup

1926           James Mann Wordie