Geography is such a broad subject that it offers wonderful opportunities for residencies, allowing us to work with a range of individuals with particular skills and interests, to achieve specific outputs over a period of time.  We started our residency programme in 2014, with one long-term residency (Explorer-in-Residence) and one short-term residency (Writer-in-Residence).


In January 2014, Scottish explorer Craig Mathieson became the RSGS’s first Explorer-in-Residence.  The four-year ambassadorial role involves working with the Society, promoting our work and his, and inspiring school children all over the country…Read More

Craig has sent us regular reports on his work:

On Becoming an Explorer (March 2014)
The Polar Academy (June 2014)
The Team of Ten (September 2014)
The Training Continues (December 2014)


RSGS - ResidenciesWriter-in-Residence

In June 2014, Scottish poet and author Hazel Buchan Cameron because the RSGS’s first Writer-in-Residence.  Over the summer, she mentored Josh Morris, an aspiring young writer, using the RSGS’s collections and history as a source of inspiration…Read More

Both Hazel and Josh produced several pieces of writing over the summer: Humanity’s Adolescence, by Josh Morris