Jo Woolf

Since her appointment in 2014, Jo has worked almost full-time to skilfully capture, craft and communicate the many stories hidden in our archive, most notably by publishing her recent book, The Great Horizon. This features 50 vignettes from some of the most notable explorers and visionaries of the last 150 years, whilst also detailing some of the many feats achieved by lesser-known adventurers, travellers and scientists, all of whom have a connection to the Society. Her engaging style has done wonders for the promotion and profile of the Society’s history which will help ensure the long-term preservation of these remarkable stories, something that the RSGS hopes will inspire the next generation.

In recognition of her voluntary work for the Society, Jo was awarded an Honorary Fellowship in 2017, joining many of the illustrious names she has been researching over the past few years.

Hazel Buchan

In June 2014, we appointed our first Writer-in-Residence – poet and author Hazel Buchan Cameron. Over the summer of 2014, Hazel worked part-time with Josh Morris, an aspiring young writer, mentoring him in a variety of writing skills and approaches, and using the collections and history of the RSGS as a source of inspiration.

RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson was very enthusiastic: “We are grateful to the project funders, Creative Scotland and Perth & Kinross Council, for giving us this opportunity to introduce Hazel and Josh to our collections.  It has been really rewarding seeing them become more and more engrossed in discovering the many and varied stories hidden away.  I genuinely believe there is something here to interest everyone.”

The project culminated in an exhibition in Perth Museum in late 2014.