Humanity’s Adolescence

by Josh Morris

We built upwards,

As time ran away,

We swapped it for torrents,

Of brown, mouldy, rain water.

Fifty years waiting,

Hoping for a hero or a tyrant,

We watched the water rise,

We justified our comforts.

Invisible gases and distant consequences,

A deadly combination.

In panic and fear,

We tore open the veins of the countryside,

Filled them with concrete,

And still the waters rose.

In the end,

Prediction was our only solace.

We clambered up metal and stone towers,

Attempting to hold onto what we knew,

And what was.

And here I sit,

On the roof of the third high-rise,

On the bank of where Ouse once was,

Below my dangling legs,

The water is still, tainted with soil.