International Youth Day|RSGS

The Young Geographer magazine is written by young people from various backgrounds – from high school pupils to young professionals. The large volume of entries received demonstrated the passion and thirst young people have for change in today’s society.

All over the world, young people share the same goal: to have a bright and prosperous future. The Young Geographer magazine provides a platform for young people to voice their concerns on a personal, national and global level regarding the importance of collaborating with young people and listening to their concerns.

With the first issue on the theme of climate change, one of our young writers Timothy Damon (YOUNG Focal Point to the UNFCCC) expresses his desire for young people to be actively involved in climate decision making:

“Young people need to be given a strong say in the decisions society is making today about our common future. The easy rhetoric about “youth as the leaders of tomorrow”, or even as the leaders “of today”, is not sufficient. Without a real voice in the short-term, only negative options will remain for today’s youth and future generations by the time their “long-term” comes. Young people need the education, training, and mentorship from their elders now, that will prepare them to face the even greater challenges yet to come in the effort to address climate change and achieve sustainable development”.

The Young Geographer editorial team are working hard behind the scenes to create a fantastic magazine. Here is what we are up to:

  • We are receiving final article submissions and collating the content into a suitable order.
  • The design team are sourcing artwork and photographs to be used alongside the inspiring articles with photographs used from young artists to showcase their talent.
  • In September, the design phase of the magazine will begin.
  • An ongoing process is the planning of a launch party for the magazine. It will be an opportunity to showcase the opinions and concerns of young people regarding climate change and the role of youth as the lifeblood of our future.

Happy International Youth Day!